DesignIt is our aim to provide a high level of customer service. From your initial enquiry through to delivery, we will assist you to ensure that your delivery of products goes smoothly.

We will assist you fully by providing a clear concise quotation that details any extra over requirements prior to order. We can meet to discuss your project and assist in solutions at tender stage.

If you require a quotation, please forward the necessary information/drawings by post or email to the details on our contact page.

We have experience in a varied concrete product industry. We provide clear drawings showing our product layout to aid your site installation.  We will work with you to discuss any aspect of the design until we are all in agreement of what is required on site.

Products are delivered to site to agreed delivery dates on articulated, rigid or crane offload vehicles. We would be happy to discuss access requirements to meet your site conditions. It can also be arranged for products to be collected from our factory as required.