Insulated Ground Floors

This ground floor system is capable of spaning up to 8.5m and uses EPS polystyrene panels as infill
between concrete beams and incorpoates a structural concrete topping. The completed structural floors are nominally 357mm or 432mm deep, but may vary to suit ‘U’ value requirements.

Using EPS panels, ‘U’ values as low as 0.15W/m²K can be acheived.

Using Plustherm EPS panels, ‘U’ values as low as 0.10W/m²K can be achieved.

The concrete beams are manufactured in either 150mm or 225mm deep sections and are available in various lengths to suit your requirements. Click on the links below to view the typical load span tables and standard details for each product.

We carry out a full design service for our products and offer a supply only service.

Rapid Installation
When the Uval and Uval+ flooring is delivered to site only simple installation techniques are needed, floors are quickly installed and after the structural topping has been completed, a platform is provided for following trades.

Services are easily accommodated at the design stage by arranging the beam layout and notching EPS panels where required.